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A Space to Breathe

Funded by the National Lotteries ‘Reaching Communities Fund,’ A Space to Breathe is a specialist domestic and sexual violence support service for victim-survivors of domestic abuse.

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Empower Course

The EMPOWER programme is offered specifically as a safe space for women who need support identifying healthy and unhealthy relationships; particularly women who feel they have been in (or are in) abusive relationships.  The course takes a public health, trauma informed approach to ending violence and abuse and considers the many reasons why violence and abuse may be present in relationships or families.  Aimed at empowering participants, our 12 - week EMPOWER programme has proved very successful in helping women realise that their victimisation is not their fault enabling them to move on and live happier lives free from abuse. 

EMPOWER Programme


Session 1: Welcome



Session 2: Domestic abuse and coercive control

Understanding UK law


Session 3: A Closer Look

Coercive control and Gas-lighting


Session 4: Stalking & Technology Facilitated Abuse

Understanding UK law & how technology can be used to abuse.


Session 5: Sexual abuse: The impact of trauma on the brain

Sexual assault & rape, UK law and sentencing, the limbic system & the 5 F’s.


Session 6: Challenging Rape Culture

Understanding rape myths, victim blaming and the media


Session 7: Perspective

Learning about you & how you view the world


Session 8: Moving Forward:

Social norms, ‘comparisons’ and healing


Session 9: History: How we got to here

The impact of law and history on society today & how many women have empowered others.


Session 10: Violence

 The impact of violence on men and women in society

Session 11: Proceed with Caution

Boundaries, emotional self - care and acceptance


Session 12: Conclusion

Evaluation & close

Bespoke Training

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We also offer bespoke training to professionals who want to expand their knowledge relating to the many nuances of domestic abuse and coercive control.  At A Space to Breathe, we believe a multi – agency approach is essential when tackling issues such as domestic abuse, particularly when children are witnessing abuse and violence in their homes or being subject to it themselves.  We feel staff training is essential to helping professionals identify tactics such as Disguised Compliance, coercion, and the many complexities victim-survivors’ face when living with domestic abuse.  If you feel that this is something your staff team could benefit from, please give us a call.

Psycho-educational Workshops for Schools


Psycho – educational workshops are offered out to schools across the Black Country and Staffordshire areas free of charge. 

Workshops offered include:

  • ‘Domestic Abuse’

  • ‘Gender Stereotypes’

  • ‘Healthy and Unhealthy Relationships’

  • ‘Toxic Masculinity’

The workshops are relatively generic as they are frequently rolled out across entire – schools and need to be accessible to all pupils.  Subsequently, they are adapted accordingly to meet the needs of Key Stages 3, 4 & 5 and are of a very high standard. 

Our workshops are designed by specialists, they are taught inclusively and sensitively with respect to all beliefs and backgrounds, and they reflect the laws around domestic abuse and comply with the Equality Act 2010.  They also comply with the legal requirements laid out in the Department for Education’s Relationship and Sex Education Statutory Guidance.  We also follow the PSHE Association Framework Guidelines and are members of the Sex Education Forum and the PSHE Association for Quality Assurance purposes. 

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For further information & bookings, please contact:

Rachel Mainstone

Domestic and Sexual Violence Services Co – Ordinator

Contact Number: 07549 337874


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