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Open Access Community Offerings

At Breathing Space we believe that investing in our local community is integral to creating and fostering positive relationships for both our organisation and the young people we support. Encouraging inclusion for all is a priority to us, so with this in mind we offer various elements of our service that are open access to the wider community and general public.


Baggeridge Community Garden

Our recently created Community Garden is situated a little further on from our main delivery site and has something for everyone in our local community - children's play area, picnic benches, relaxation area, wildlife garden and an allotment. Since it's creation the garden has been well used with local families enjoying the peace and serenity it brings!


A project funded by the National Lottery, Connect offers various extra curricular activities for children and young people, along with an adult Meditation and Mindfulness group

Kids Holiday Clubs

We run open access Holiday Clubs to children aged 8-12 years during each of the main school holidays.  Our holiday club is priced at just £15 per day with some of  our places funded by the local authority. Please enquire when booking to ascertain eligibility for free spaces!


Meet the chickens!

The most recent addition to our animal therapy offer are our ex-battery hens Dolores, Joan, Hazel and Mrs Quack Quack. The girls free range during the day and are a big hit with children and adults alike! Egg production has continued since their arrival and are on offer to the community on a daily basis.

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