Accessing education can be challenging for children and young people who have experienced adverse childhood experiences, these experiences often impact upon their own education and that of other young people within the school environment. Breathing Space offers these young people a safe environment in which to explore the obstacles that are preventing them from fully engaging in education and progress onto their preferred pathway.

What our AP offers ….


  • Formal educational activities delivered within a peaceful woodland environment
  • One or two day intervention depending on the needs of the young person referred
  • Addressing of emotional well-being and mental health needs preventing engagement in mainstream environment
  • Group therapy and 1:1 counselling sessions
  •  Team and motivation building activities
  •  Increased emotional resilience, confidence and self-esteem
  •  A robust outreach support system to assist engagement within mainstream education or other preferred pathway
  •  Consultation with education professionals to ensure holistic support for students can be maintained within either the school environment or preferred educational pathway

Animal Assisted Therapy


Animal Assisted Activities  and Therapy have numerous benefits to children, young people and adults.  Humans interacting with animals have found that petting the animal promoted the release of serotonin, prolactin and oxytocin- all hormones that can play a part in elevating moods. AAT:

• Lowers anxiety and promotes relaxation.

 • Provides comfort and soothing.

• Assists in the development of self-regulation skills.

 • Increases mental stimulation.

 • Offers unconditional love and acceptance.

• Can provide an escape or happy distraction.

 • Can act as catalysts in the therapy process.

• May reduce the initial resistance that might    accompany  therapy.

“Worzel loves me for who I am”


NOCN Quaslification


All young people attending our alternative provision have the opportunity to achieve their NOCN Level 1 Award or Certificate in Skills for  Employment, Training and Personal Development.  Our units include:

  • Group & Team Work Communication Skills

  • Personal Relationships

  • Personal Confidence & Self Awareness

  • Personal Learning Programme

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Improve Own Learning & Development

  • Assist with the Care of Animals



£95 per day - 9.30am-3pm

£110 per day (for youngsters with an EHCP, LAC or SEN) - 9.30am-3pm

Our priority is to meet the needs of the young people referred into our service, therefore Bespoke Packages are available for youngsters who need a different level of support or intervention type; with costs reflecting the specific delivery model, client group and desired outcome. 

Please contact us for more information.