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Packages for Children and Young People in Education Accessing education may be challenging for children and young people who have  experienced adverse childhood experiences, these experiences often impact upon their own education and that of other young people within the school environment. Breathing Space offers these young people a safe environment in which to explore the obstacles that are preventing them from fully engaging in education. 
We do this by offering a holistic approach incorporating group and 1:1 therapy sessions, creative therapy, outdoor activities, residentials and the opportunity to gain a recognised qualification. Breathing Space offers:

 Formal educational activities delivered within a peaceful woodland environment

 The addressing of emotional well-being and mental health needs that are preventing engagement in mainstream environment

 Group therapy and 1:1 counselling sessions

 Team and motivation building activities

 Increased emotional resilience, confidence and self-esteem

 A robust outreach support system to assist engagement within mainstream education  Consultation with education professionals to ensure holistic support for students can be maintained within the school environment 

It can be difficult for children and young people to talk with parents or family members about what they are thinking and feeling. Breathing Space offers children and young people a space to talk about their thoughts and feelings in a safe environment; enabling them to share any worries or concerns they may have whilst building their  confidence and self-esteem.  We aim to build trust, offer a 
space in which the young  person feels heard, safe and understood whilst learning how to utilise coping  strategies and make sense of the world around them.  Sessions can be based within our woodland lodge or their  educational environment and incorporates talking, play and creative therapies. 

As part of our provision, various training courses are available to professionals, parents and carers. These include, yet are not limited to:

 The Nurturing Programme: a structured 10 week course exploring effective parenting skills and techniques

 Mental Health Awareness

 Basic Counselling Skills

 Grief and Loss

 Understanding Trauma

 Understanding Suicide and Self-Harm

 Shame Awareness

 Building Emotional Health and Resilience

 Stress and Anxiety Management 

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